The Winter Sun

A cold sky reports
An oxymoron of sorts -
The winter sun

Copyright  ⓒ  Chris Ryall  2013

Bring on Spring Already!

It's freezing inside our place (Japanese homes don't have central heating) in the mountains, and even on a clear day it's futile to go outside and stand in the sun - the sun seems so impotent; it's there but it's not warm at all. The frigid alpine winds don't help, I suppose. LOL. How can one think of new poetry when it takes all one's energy just to get warm? This winter season is robbing me of my creativity! Well, that's my excuse at least. Ha ha. My apologies for being a stranger lately. Warmest regards to all,

Chris (0_0)

Land of the Rising Sun


A delightful haiku.

My family in Southern California has been having freezing temperatures. And oddly enough, Dallas, Texas is currently in the 60's.

Keep your head and feet warm ... that helps. Well, at least you have Mandy and your beautiful white kitty to snuggle with.

It is lovely to hear from you. Keep smiling!



Dallas, Texas

Land of the Winter Sun

Dear Kathy,

Hi! Sorry to be away for so long. Thanks for commenting on my haiku. Yeah, it's been really weird and freezing weather lately - bizarre. Keeping my head warm hasn't been a problem, but my feet are another matter! Ha ha. At least the cat looks warm. LOL. You keep warm, too.

I've been distracted with too many things lately, but I must make more time to get back to this site. I also mean to catch up for lost time and read more of your wonderful poetry and provide some feedback. In the meantime, take care, and best wishes.

Love and kind regards,


One more syllable...

David o Whalen in the last line,and this would have been just fine.
It's a good little write Chris, and I like it too, buuut...
it needs one more syllable to be a Haiku!
Nice to see you back Chris and don't feel too bad, The temp last night here in Vegas was about 25
and with 30mph winds the chill factor was about 5 or 10 degrees and it's supposed to be colder and
windier for the next couple of days. So much for living in one of the hottest places in the USA.

Short and Sweet

Hi David,

Thanks so much for your response to my haiku. I'm so glad you liked it. Like you, I always believed in the general rule of 5-7-5 for haiku, but I've been doing a Haiku course lately (free on Allpoetry), and apparently it's okay to be a syllable or two short in the last line, for impact, sometimes. They even provided an example by the master Basho in which his last line only had three syllables. However one can never go 'over' the 5-7-5 syllable count. Thanks again for your feedback, mate.

I am trying to find more time in my day to get back here more often, write more poetry, and offer more feedback on fine poetry such as yours and other great poets on this site. Please bear with me. In the meantime, stay warm (it sounds freezing in Las Vegas!), have a great weekend, and best wishes.

Kind regards,


I cringe in correction Chris...

David o Whalen I'm a Las Vegan, what do we know?

Las Vegan

LOL. If I were to put another word in there to make the last line five syllables, I guess I could put 'pale' or 'weak', etc. I'll give that some consideration. Thanks mate :-D

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