The Keeper of My Heart

It's so hard leaving you in the morning,
My heart is like an elastic band,
Pulling me back to you my darling,
But I know that you understand;
Sometimes we have worked together,
But most often we work apart,
I know that I will love you forever,
You are the keeper of my heart.

It's heavenly holding you close each night,
The warmth of our bodies, yours next to mine,
How I delight in hugging you tight,
Embracing the love and feeling divine;
It's difficult to tear ourselves apart,
For you are the keeper of my heart.

Copyright  ⓒ  Chris Ryall  2013

For My Love's Birthday

This poem was written for my dear wife Mandy, who celebrated her 45th birthday on November 17th. I know it sounds tacky, but every year, instead of giving her a standard birthday card to go with her gifts, I try to write a love poem in honor of her. This year I wrote two. This is the first, a love sonnet. Maybe for her 50th I will write three poems! LOL.

When we were both teachers, we worked the same Monday to Friday workweek, and had weekends off together. But now that I'm a stay-at-home writer during the week, I work on weekends as a marriage celebrant to help pay the bills. Leaving her on a Saturday morning, when it's her day off, and driving to work, is what inspired this piece of poetry. I hate watching her grow distant in my rear view mirror as she waves me goodbye. An opportunity has just appeared on the horizon which will see us work together again, at the same workplace, perhaps three years from now. We're both looking forward to that.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend. Take care and best wishes. Warmest regards, Chris :-)

Happy Birthday Mandy

Leaking Pen
AS the sweetest CANDY
What delight what a treat
When poetry written by Chris
What beautiful Bliss
From all of us on this poetry site
We send you with Delight
Heart felt Birthday kiss!
SORRY Chris to step on your shoes , but I could not resist Paul!

Thanks Paul, From Mandy

Dear Paul,

Thanks very much, mate! I read your poem to Mandy, and she was delighted. She wanted me to pass on her "thanks" to you, and to send all you kind folks at the Poetry Showcase a hug. That was very thoughtful of you to write, my friend - I really appreciate you doing that. Mandy has had a wonderful birthday this year. Thanks again! Enjoy your Sunday. Cheers,

Kind regards,


Beautiful and Sincere

This is beautiful and sincere is nice to love someone so much to be so close that you miss them like this. I'm sure Mandy loved her birthday poem and knows how very much you love her. Hand written and thoughtful messages/ poems always mean much more than something you can buy. I think that is a great tradition! :) I like the way your describe the simple moments the intimacy in your relationship...the keeper of your heart indeed. Thanks for sharing.


From the Heart

Dear Jill,

Thanks for your kind and thoughtful feedback on my poem. I'm so glad you enjoyed the beauty and sincerity in it - it came straight from the heart. I'm blessed in this life to have Mandy.

When I was very young, too young, I got married for the first time. I was only 21 when I got engaged. My marriage lasted three years. After the divorce, I was bitter, gave up believing in love and turned my back on relationships. Then Mandy came along and convinced me otherwise. When I least expected it, and when I had given up searching for it, true love came along. I trusted her with my heart and she has been its keeper ever since. It is our 17th wedding anniversary next month. Not forgetting my first experience with marriage, I never take love for granted, and always try to show my appreciation and gratitude to Mandy for loving me. And I'm thankful to you for reading this piece and writing such warm comments.

Enjoy the rest of your week, take care, and best wishes. May the sun continue to shine on you during these cold winter months. God bless.

Kind regards,



I especially like "the keeper of my heart." Thanks for sharing


Thanks Greg,

I'm glad you liked my poem. Thanks for your kind comment - much appreciated.

Have a great New Year's, take care, and best wishes.

Warm regards,


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