Summer Night

Lights before my eyes
Hovering in nighttime skies -
Summer fireflies

Copyright  ⓒ  Chris Ryall  2013

Rainy Season

The rainy season has begun here in Japan, and so it is hot and humid in the evenings now. Hence the fireflies have begun to appear - such a wonderful sight to see. Every year at this time, after sundown, they can be observed near the river, and hovering above the rice paddies and tea fields. They sure make for an enchanting evening stroll. Nature is amazing.

Warmest regards,


Catching Fireflies

I like this Chris, It makes me smile thinking of them. I was outside the other night helping my 9 yr old son catch some fireflies in a jar. We live in the country in GA and there are so many out right now...just at twilight the field and trees seem to sparkle there are so many fireflies. I was thinking what it might look like with time lapse photography, catching all the little flashes of light like you would a photograph of the stars. It is beautiful isn't it? Thanks for sharing.


Fireflies on Film

Dear Jill,

Thank you for your kind response. Yes, Mandy and I find fireflies delightful. We never saw them in Australia, although they do exist there as well, just not where we lived; so it's not something we grew up with. And of course fireflies aren't seen in the city areas in Japan either. But when we moved to our current rural location in the mountains, we saw them for the first time, and were captivated. We have lived here for seven years now, and look forward to seeing them every time summer rolls around. I've tried taking photos on my iPhone, which were good, but not great. LOL. However, I googled 'fireflies' a while back, and saw a large number of gorgeous pictures taken with time lapse photography. I recommend you do the same. There are some great images out there. But it just reminds me how wonderful nature is. I'm glad you liked my poem. Thanks very much. Enjoy the rest of your week, take care and best wishes.

Warm regards,


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