Rapturous Rain

We enter this world like drops of rain,
To start, there's inevitably some pain,
Along the way we experience a fall,
And occasionally we will hit a wall.

We can form rivers, lakes and seas,
We can splash around or flow with ease,
We all come together to form an ocean,
One body of water, a world in motion.

There are those of us who'll be 'taken up',
Hopefully enough to fill His great cup
In a kind of mass evaporation,
And those that go will feel great elation.

The water that is left behind,
Will form a flood to end all time,
To cleanse the surface of mother Earth,
Who shall experience a wondrous rebirth.

And so the cycle will begin again,
Raining down, a new world without end,
A river of flames will exist below,
But peaceful waters above will flow.

Copyright  ⓒ  Chris Ryall  2013