A Love So True

The sublime feeling of a love so true,
The joy of waking up next to you,
The cool freshness of the morning dew,
As the mist rolls over mountains green.

Such bliss, living in our rural town,
It's so quiet, there's hardly a sound,
There's rarely anybody around,
And only deer and birds can be seen.

I'm so thankful for this marvelous ride,
It's so uplifting with you by my side,
And my heart-felt smile I just can't hide,
As I think of all the places we've been.

We are not slaves seeking freedom and wealth,
We have no money but we have our health,
We have peace and happiness as well,
It's 'paradise', if you know what I mean.

Life is often full of uncertainty,
But I am yours for all eternity,
Long after our own mortality,
And until then, on each other we'll lean.

Copyright  ⓒ  Chris Ryall  2013

My 17th Wedding Anniversary Today

Whereas my previous poem, The Keeper of My Heart, was written for my wife's 45th birthday, this piece of poetry was written in advance for our wedding anniversary today. I have had 17 blissful years with the love of my life, and I feel blessed to have met her. And to my dear Mandy, should you read this blog, I say this:

You truly are my reason for living,
You're so supportive and always giving,
Everything I have I give to you,
And together we'll make our dreams come true.

To my dear friends on Poetry Showcase, I hope you enjoyed this piece for poetry's sake. Have a great weekend, take care, and best wishes.

Warmest regards,


Celebrating our Love

My dear love, Chris,

Thank you so much sweetheart for the beautiful poem dedicated to the anniversary of our marriage - the happiest day of my life. I am so very blessed for the life I have with you, and cherish our special memories together. I appreciate everything you do for me, for us, both at work and at home. As you know, I am no poet, but I truly enjoy reading your life through your poems, and so glad you have such a wonderful poetry community here and some special friends with which to share your poetry.

I love you today, tomorrow, and always,
Your loving wife,
Mandy xxoo

Here's to Another Year

Thanks so much, darlin'!

You are my world, and none of my dreams exist without you or outside of you. As I have said many times, my love, you are my reason for living. Every time I conduct a wedding now, I think back to the wonderful day I married you. And I am eternally grateful for the love and support you have given me over the years, and continue to give me now.

Yours forever ♡

Love, Chris xoxo

Chris And Mandy

Leaking Pen
Dear Heaven
If I could borrow happiness form your treasure chest, it will be God's loving heart engraved with two names Chris and Mandy, but being of modest means and a humble poetic heart, all I can wish for to be like your love, congratulations on 17th wedding anniversary, may love always keep you both in its heart and bless the path you dwell upon!

Wishing You a Happy New Year in 2014

G'day Paul,

Mandy and I really appreciated your kind and thoughtful comment, mate. Thank you so much. I must admit, I struck gold the day I met Mandy, and we've both enjoyed almost two decades of marital bliss (after my first ill-advised marriage sadly ended in bitter divorce). But I'm extremely grateful to you for your poetic blessings on our 17th wedding anniversary - thanks again.

Wishing you a fun and safe New Year's Eve tonight, and a wonderful New Year in 2014 - hoping all your dreams come true. Enjoy those famous Sydney fireworks! :-D

Kind regards,

Chris & Mandy


A Love So Rare


I have been so busy rearranging my life, that I have very rarely dived into the inspirations so beautifully penned by you. Know that I intend to catch-up ... with some unexpected time from the drills of my work.

You found your fortune when you found Mandy. It is so rare, the special love you share.

You compliment each other and you certainly have added sparkles to my life.

I love your sincerity and the promise of your kindness. Your love poetry is gorgeous, as is your heart.



Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Florida is extremely beautiful ... nature at its best. God be with us.

Love and Nature

Dear Kathy,

I've been thinking about you a lot lately, and following your updates on Facebook. I know you must be so busy - another transitional time in your life. Thank you so much for your beautiful message re my poetry. I've also been really busy the last few months, trying to get my book ready for publication, and hence I also have not had time to read all of your recent poetry and make comments. Maybe soon we can both find time to do the things we want to do, instead of only the things we have to do. Heh. But that's life, isn't it? It keeps us on our toes.

I hope your new work arrangements fall into place like you wish. I'm glad that you are enjoying the beauty in Florida, and of course you can be near your daughter in Fort Lauderdale. I think whenever God takes us someplace, there is always beautiful nature to be found there. Certainly that's the way it's been with us here in Mori, and your message above implies that it may be the case with you, too. (Jimmy Buffett sings songs about it.) God has also especially blessed me with Mandy - she adds all 'the sparkles' I need in my life. I'm delighted we could send a few sparkles your way.

Thanks again for your kind words. Have a great week, my friend. Thinking of you always,

Love and warmest regards,

Chris ;-)

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