I don't' feel as though I've much more to say,
My horses have fled, my barn empty of hay,
I've sung all the songs that I have to sing,
I've brought to the table all I have to bring;
My well of inspiration has at last run dry,
A cold March wind blows across a grey sky,
The trees still sway, though silent are the birds,
Likewise it would seem I've run out of words;
My waveless ocean enjoys one last swell,
Which then kisses the beach and waves farewell.

Copyright  ⓒ  Chris Ryall  2013

My Silent Muse

My muse has been very quiet lately, and I sometimes wonder whether anymore poetry will come to me. Also, these days I'm channeling all my creative energy into my novel, so that might explain why I feel I have nothing left. So I hope this isn't 'farewell', but rather just a temporary break in transmission. Warmest regards, Chris


I find this acceptance of your own lack of inspiration beautiful. I love how you connected it to nature,
like when you said Likewise it would seem I have no more words. And the last few lines about the swell
kissing the beach and waves farewell made for a perfect ending. I know how this feels when all you
can do for a poem is write about your struggle to write a poem.lol You did a swell job mate!
I pray you and I both find blessed inspiration from this gift of a charming life God has given us.
God Bless!
Abigail Joy

Running on Empty

Dear Abigail,

I loved your Aussie English: "You did a swell job, mate!" Ha ha. I'm so glad that you could understand how I'm feeling - "running on empty", as Jackson Brown sings in his famous ballad - and that you could relate to my situation. If people can still understand me, then I haven't ventured too far from sanity, yet. LOL. And you're so right - God has given us a charming life, from which all inspiration springs. I'm sure that after a little retreat, just like spring emerges from winter, my inspiration to write poetry will re-emerge. In the meantime, good luck with your own poetry, take care, and God bless.

Warmest regards,


Chris Ryall, Author, Poet


It is sheer humililty when a heart can reside in a no flight zone. Being still and surrendering to the silent muse is as important as scribbling messages in the sand and waiting for the tide to carry them into the sea. Poetry is a way of living, not just the words that fall on pages. Your ability to ponder your absence of words is like the sunset waiting to be the sunrise.

Your eyes have fallen on so many poems and your heart is an instrument of kindness. Your novel is the diamond waiting to find its setting. I cannot wait to read your years of work bound in patience and God's delight.

I truly understand the beauty in this farewell and the peace that will flow when your heart has rested. I force the pen and it is merely an exercise, like bar work, before the ballerina becomes the beautiful white swan. One can write for years and years and the end product will be a handful of memorable thoughts.

Just know that this international writing community supports you, the whole Chris, not just the writer. I have grown to love you and your wife and the desires of your heart. Be as you are, a warm heart waiting for God to turn the leaves to red and the sky to heaven.

You are in my thoughts today.


Kathy xo

Dallas, Texas


Dear Kathy,

You have been (and continue to be) such a wonderful friend and an enduring source of support. Thank you so very much for your kind words of understanding and encouragement. I feel truly blessed to count you as one of my good friends. Your poetry has also been a beacon of inspiration for me, as well as for many other poets on this site.

Similar to the changes that you have gone through in your own life, my life has changed radically over the last twelve months. I have changed jobs, taken on a new vocation (which has taken a fair bit of getting used to), said goodbye to some friends and hello to new ones, and have also had to cope with a mountain of paperwork to do with my new status in my life in Japan. I read once that 'change' is one of the most stressful things a person has to deal with, and it certainly does take its toll over time. I simply feel weary.

Recently I have filed my tax forms, made necessary changes to my health care and pension, and renewed my driver's license, all in Japanese of course. Phew! LOL. And last, but not least, 3 months of winter here have drained what little energy I had left. But spring is here. This week has been warmer and sunnier, and I am beginning to feel a little brighter again.

My novel editing is coming along well (this is the 3rd and final editing process), and I am settling back into my wedding routine again after a break over winter. I look forward to feeling poetry flowing in my heart and veins again, but until then, I am enjoying a brief spell of rest and recuperation. In the meantime, I am thinking of you, and I just want to thank you again for the love and friendship which you have shown me. I will sit outside today, be still, and know that God is God, and that everything is good in its own way.


Chris xo

Hence the seventh day

Leaking Pen
Dear Chris
Hope you get enough rest or break to finish your novel, God rested on 7th day , your poetry like an aged wine has been uncorked and now breathing before you pour your gifts back to us, I feel the same, poetry can not be forced, when its wings are ready to flap, we will see you in flight again

Having a Wine

G'day Paul,

Thanks a lot, my good friend - much appreciated. I liked the 'wine' metaphor in your comments - something I can truly relate to. Heh. Yes, I am having a 'breather', so to speak, and I look forward to being more active once again on this marvelous poetry website. Until then, enjoy the rest of your week, take care, and best wishes. Thanks for your support, mate.

Kind regards,


My problem Chris is...

David o Whalen Quite the opposite. When I read the morning newspaper, I find myself jotting words and phrases in my pocket notebook. On my walk to Mcdonalds for coffee I listen to every sound and smell every aroma, and jot down more ideas, words and phrases. When I sit in my booth and look about me at old and young faces, see withered hands, tattered clothes, worried looks, happiness and chubby cheeks, I find myself jotting more and more in my notebook. My problem Chris is too much inspiration, and not enough time, skill and ability, to put all this largesse to paper. Perhaps you can't see the forest for the trees. Try to take a sound and hear it differently from what one ordinarily would. Try to smell a flower, or see the sky, or hear a child and remember love, as if it were your very first time. I think it's just your brain saying "let's give it a rest for a bit, and then we'll go back and give it a go." I know you can't quit, so just walk about a bit. You're too good a writer and this site needs you so. (Oh! and the poem was good and you DO have a lot more to say)

Input Output

Hi David,

I was really happy to read your response to my latest poem, and I truly appreciated your kind comments. Like you, I find that there is so much sensory input in this modern world, bombarding us from all directions. Also like you, I jot things down from time to time, or even make notes on my iPhone when I can. But having the energy and inspiration to turn those random scribblings into a piece of poetry has eluded me recently. My input-output production line needs some work, I think. LOL. As you said, I can't see the forest for the trees.

I've taken your advice and am giving my brain a bit of a rest. I have no intention of quitting (permanently anyway), and I am grateful for your words of encouragement. I'm sure that I do have more to say, and in time I will do my best to say it in a poetic way befitting the fine level of poetry represented here on Poetry Showcase. Until then, best of luck with your own excellent poetry, and thanks again for your warm and thoughtful feedback. Fortunately spring has returned, thank God! May the sun shine on us all once more. Take care.

Best regards,


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