Dancing the Wine Away

A glass of red wine, as red as a rose,
Will see me through this rainy summer's day,
A cup of your best poetry and prose,
And to your rhythmic rhyme I dance away.

Indulging in red wine feels so good,

It really brings out one's emotions,

It coaxes the spirits out of the woods,

It's really quite a potent potion.

It totally dissolves one's inhibitions,

Play the music, let the memories roll,

It's one of mankind's oldest traditions,

To drink and dance, and next day pay the toll.

But let's have fun and wine and song tonight,

And let's feast on ovine, bovine and swine,

Tonight we'll dance and hold each other tight,
Dancing and drinking with you is divine.

Copyright  ⓒ  Chris Ryall  2013

The Blood in a Poet's Veins

I don't think there's any coincidence that red wine appears similar to blood, for it's my opinion that red wine is the blood that flows in a poet's veins. Not all poets maybe. But many poets in history have indulged in red wine, either to help create the perfect mood for writing poetry (poems need emotional input), or simply because they enjoy the feeling. Both work for me. 'Red wine flows where the poet goes'! Maybe my muse needs a glass or two of red to stimulate her imagination. It certainly relaxes one's body and soul, and allows one to think more poetically. Cheers!

Warmest regards


Poe and I....

David o Whalen would agree with that Chris, and drink whole-heartedly to it! Cheers!

Wine Transfusion LOL

Thanks David. I did indeed drink whole-heartedly the other night. It helps me to relax and to 'slip into the right zone for writing poetry'. I limit myself to just once or twice a week these days, with 3 or 4 alcohol-free nights a week (as I also enjoy a few beers with dinner if I dine out). But drinking, especially red wine, is deeply satisfying, and all good in moderation.

Kind regards,


Excellently crafted, creative poetry.

This is excellently crafted, creative poetry, Chris. This quality work impressively showcases your fine ability to construct uplifting, imaginative poetry, and I came to feel truly moved and inspired while I read it. Both the wording scheme and rhyming technique is superbly done, as I really admire the way the verses flow so beautifully throughout. Also, clever idea, and great subject for a poem. Thanks for sharing another worthwhile and wonderfully composed write, Chris, as I sincerely came to enjoy this.

J.P. (Rex)

Poetry for Poetry's Sake

Thank you so very much, Rex. I think yours is one of the most complimentary, glowing responses I have ever received. It is raining here today, but your warm feedback has truly put the sunshine back into my day! I'm thrilled that you enjoyed this piece so much. It really seems to be my style - rhyming quatrains. I occasionally write haiku and sonnets, but 4-line rhyming stanzas are my bread and butter so to speak. Wine, love, and poetry appears to be my theme this month (so far anyway), but I think my favorite themes usually are love, nature, spirituality and life, which is why I think your poetry is amazing as well. Thanks again for your kind words - much appreciated. Enjoy the rest of your week.

Best regards,


Broadway Musical

Leaking Pen
Dear Chris
Regardless of the wine itself, this is the most musical poem you have ever written, its sweet sounds flow from the fingers of Tim Rice and Andrew LIoyd Webber, I got intoxicated by reading it in a good way, you have celebrated life from the cup of life, in moderation, how sweet it is when all the flavors in a poem come together naturally that ripened grape on the vine let to mature fully under the summer Sun, I grew up in wine country and now I live in wine country, your homage to their fruits in song and dance just lovely, to celebrate a personal relationship with love itself ignites the soul to create perfection, I truly enjoyed reading this poem, it is forgiveness and love from the priest's chalice

Wine Flows Well with Music

Dear Paul,

I love music, and adore the musicals by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber. Joseph and His Technicolor Dreamcoat was the first musical I ever saw performed (and is still my favorite). Jesus Christ Superstar was the second. Evita, Cats and Phantom of the Opera are some of the finest musicals ever written. And what better way to enjoy listening to these masterpieces than with a glass of wine? It puts one in the right frame of mind to totally enjoy the musical experience. Red wine gets the creative juices flowing, and together with music, magic can happen. I'm certainly glad that you found a touch of magic in my poem. Thank you so much for your kind feedback. I'm grateful to you. Have a marvelous day. Take care and best wishes.

Your good friend always,


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