Cicada Serenade

Nature's serenade
In a bamboo forest glade -
Cicadas singing

Copyright  ⓒ  Chris Ryall  2013

A Splash of Summer ☼

I know that this haiku is out of season right now (unless one is in the southern hemisphere), but I just needed a splash of summer to warm me up this morning. Have a great day!

Warmest regards,

Chris :-D

Wuthering Heights

Leaking Pen
Dear Chris
I know you are a God respecting family man, but you left the other lady in waiting heart of the wattle flower
Catherine Earnshaw to your Heathcliff's Wuthering Heights winter's chill madness, your body is in the land of the Rising Sun, but the real Sun nests in the Gold Coast, the gum trees weep by shedding their barks, for they know their favorite son is oceans away, when would he return?


Land of the Winter Sun

Dear Paul,

Yes, I left the real sun back in Australia, and during winter in Japan, the 'rising sun' is only a sun in name, and not in strength, brightness or warmth. Oh how I miss those gum trees (especially the 'ghost gums' in the 'outback'), but I pray that I will them again one day. Thanks very much for your response, my friend - much appreciated. Have a great (upcoming) weekend, take care and best wishes.

Kind regards,


I Wish I Were Home


Your haiku rolls off the heart like a sweet dew. I like the subtle rhyme and imagery you painted.

I was thinking of you at my dinner break (at work) last evening. I was thinking about your Australian accent, your voice. I smiled when I thought of your Australian accent mixed with your 2nd language, Japanese.

It seems the winter of our discontent is so similar. We are both teachers in new fields of employment, we are both living away from our homeland for economic reasons, we have both suffered the loss of our beloved Mother, we have both lost friends and not understood why, we are consumed with God and nature, and we both write of it.

Winter in Dallas is schizophrenic, it can't make up its mind, one day it is freezing and one day it is spring.

I have always loved summer. I have a lot of great memories of summer. I love the water.

The winter chill is the beautiful way God reminds us to be patient in all things.

I miss my California and my family too. I love adventure and travel, but there is a lot to be said for roots, family.

You are such a beautiful soul.


Kathy :o)

Dallas, Texas

Bamboo trees are so beautiful.

Home is Where I Lay My Hat

G'day Kathy!

How's it going? (I just thought I'd start this reply off in typical Aussie style! LOL). Thanks so much for your kind response to my haiku. Living in Japan, my Haiku style is something that I'm trying to improve and develop. In fact, I'm just about to upload my latest haiku, 'White Comets', probably my last winter haiku for the season. Today is 'Rishun', meaning the 'first day of spring' on the old, traditional Japanese calendar. I hope you like my new haiku.

Language interference is what happens when two languages collide. I have experienced this often at times when my Aussie dialect has come into play with my Japanese language skills. Also, I can be speaking English when suddenly, having lived here so long and forgotten much English vocabulary, I insert a Japanese word instead! Ha ha. Of course, the same goes for Japanese as well, using an English word when I don't know or can't recall the correct word in Japanese. However, I developed the ability long ago to over-ride my Aussie accent, and speak with an international accent (in English), or an Asian accent (in Japanese). Aussie accents and Japanese language are not good bedfellows! Hehehe.

Yes, dear friend, we both have so much in common, with regard to our employment situation, our choice of residence, our personal circumstances, our spiritual beliefs, and our love of poetry and prose. I feel that we have bonded deeply through sharing these similar facets of our lives, and I love having you as a poetry buddy on this site. I also look forward to the day that we can meet face to face. Chances are though it won't be in temperamental Dallas! LOL It will be somewhere warm like California :-D

Like you, I love the summer. Winter is good for poetic inspiration perhaps (of the melancholy variety), and it is pretty to look at when it snows, but I much prefer summer and spring. Autumn, while extremely beautiful, is also rather a 'sad season'. I like happiness and light, positivity and warmth. Having said all that, this is where I've made my home, and while 'I Still Call Australia Home', home is wherever one lays their hat. Japan is that place for me.

Love and warmest regards,

Chris :-)

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