A Change of Seasons

Looking very much like Jurassic Park,
When the mist rolls in and over the hills,
As autumn becomes winter, it grows dark
Much earlier, lights in the window sills.

Autumn leaves fly down the deserted street,
A winter breeze under a moon so bright,
The stars appear, the twilight so sweet,
It is a very special kind of night.

'Tis the change of seasons, a change of guard,
In a valley of green, the mist so white,
It floats into our street and our back yard,
It embraces our home and hugs us tight.

Life in the mountains is something special,
The earth feels so real, so ancient, so now,
Mother Nature on show - existential,
Beautiful world, 'creation' takes a bow.

Tomorrow the sun will come up again,
But a winter sun without any heat,
The cycle goes on, seasons without end,
And soon we will see a white winter sheet.

Copyright  ⓒ  Chris Ryall  2013

Mist Twist

I just love the mist,
With its swirling, twirling,
My heart does the twist,
The mist purling, whirling,
I love the way it moves,
Over the mountains, oozing,
I adore the way it grooves,
Ghostly fountains, soothing.

I've written lots of poetry,
To describe its beauty,
It captures me totally,
An angelic tour of duty,
It's so magical, entrancing,
Like nature spirits dancing.

Copyright ⓒ Chris Ryall 2013

Excellent, quality poetry, Chris.

This is excellent, quality poetry, Chris. Very well-structured, and impressively designed throughout the entirety of the wording scheme. I really like, and admire, your creative, passionate style of writing in this, as the superb flow and tempo within the verses truly comes to stand out. Also, great descriptive elements, as well. I think you came to convey some extremely powerful emotion and beautiful imagery in this. Thank you so much, Chris, for posting more worthwhile, constructive poetry. Take care.

J.P. (Rex)

Rusty Pen

Dear Rex,

I'm grateful to you for your valued feedback - thanks so much! I feel 'rusty' these days with my poetry, as I'm not writing as often as I once did. Instead I'm furiously focusing my efforts on finishing the final edit of my novel. LOL. But I was so moved by the mist and the evident changing of the seasons on my walk one morning, that I just had to put pen to paper. So I was thrilled to read your kind comments on this one - much appreciated. As soon as my book is finished, I must make time to get back to your page and read some of your superb poetry. Have a great week, take care, and best wishes.

Warm regards,


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