Rising Against Myself

Putting forth all of this effort in every try,
Being a man and never cry,
Emotions grasp me every once in awhile,
My barrier is tough so I never smile,
Consistency in keeping a straight face,
Saying to myself Im putting my demons in their place,
Nevertheless Im giving them power rather than taking it away,
The probability for my mind to always go astray,
Trying to control the oneness of my being,
Though is it not the true me that the world is seeing,
Vanishing to a new place with a different mask,
A short time later Im back at that exact task,
Contemplating on what to do now,
Shall I create a new disguise or let the tear fall from my brow,
Careless about the remarks that are going to be made,
For I am stepping into the light and out of the shade,
Being fearless on this quest guarantees a win,
For I stood head to head against my demons and never gave in.