Phasing Through Life

I feel my expiration date is in the near,
The thought of dieing I do not fear,
In this world its just another phase,
People die everyday, while others stand around in a daze,
Where you go once your deceived,
Some say its based on what you believed,
I say its based on the way you act,
Thats karma its just a fact,
If you spend your whole life being an ass,
You’ll probably come back as a blade of grass,
If you help others in the blink of an eye,
Next life you’ll be a bird flying free in the sky,
Though thats just my independent thought,
Not trying to engaged a fight to be fought,
Death doesn’t care who you are,
It can be close or to the far,
Just welcome everyday with arms wide open,
Don’t waste today on another day for your hoping,
Live it free because you might not get another chance,
So diminish down your defensive stance,
Though these are just ideas and thoughts in my head,
Its still your call where you go once your dead.