Addicted To You

Baby your always racing through my mind,
Around my heart you are entwined,
Whenever I need a smile,
I think of us being together in a short while,
Only you help me make through the day,
I love you more than words can say,
Before you I was sketchy for my hearts dealing,
Though its indescribable the way Im feeling,
Just knowing you're there,
You're my everything I swear,
Never thought love like this existed,
Exchanging the things my mind resisted,
Saying true love will always find a way,
Making me a firm believer in that today,
At times I believe Im dreaming,
Moments come when for your love im feigning,
Addicted to every aspect that you portray,
Though baby I wouldn't have it any other way.

Addicted to You- My Humble Comment

The poet has rhymed a love poem
I am fascinated by the beauty of it
I greatly pat the poet for this one
Truly good reflecting an young mind.


Thank you so much, I believe

Thank you so much, I believe the best way to reflect the mind is by listening to the heart.

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