I see his book of poetry
Master poet of bygone years
And from his grave he speaks to me
With inaudible words quite clear.
I reach for Poe and read Lenore:
“Ah, broken is the golden bowl”
You must “weep now or never more!”
I knew her not till now, poor soul!
But I’ll recite a monody
of youth, death and slanderous tongues
with intonated prosody
for this youth that died so young.

Excellent Albeej!

David o Whalen
I like poets that not only read and know of, but also strive to emulate the works of Poe. Any, and every aspiring poet should be required to read his poetry before ever putting pen to paper. This is one of, if not the best poem I've read of all the poems posted on this site lately. Some would complain about your use of the words: monody and prosody, but even though they both made me run to my dictionary to verify that they were even legit words I approved whole-heartedly their choice and use here. Though I doubt that 1 % of our fellow poets ever heard of these words, they are totally correct and work beautifully and have the quality of making we readers use our minds. (and our dictionaries) Again, naught but high praise for this fine write Albeej and my appreciation for your writing so poetically and setting high standards for the rest of us.

Kind words

I appreciate your kind words. Regarding my choice of words employed, it is always the onus of the reader to define them. A poet cannot conform to those with limited vocabularies.
Thank you for commenting.

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