Letter from a Crownless Angel

Tea tastes abhorrent after leaves
Sitting in my lawn I see soil vomit grass
And a spring of the forgotten prayers erupt
Everything should stop revolving

I remember the alley of the mosque
Bathed in darkness
Where the sun shone momentarily
Bashfully stepping in
Gifting its presence to everything it touched
Becoming interim
That alley was my alley
Where all fellows worked
Busier than bees
Unaware of my being
Doing whatever they were made for
And I saw them all
They could not pray for themselves
I prayed for them

Nostalgia strangles me while sitting here on this petal
I think of the alley and its being
I was the sun
Would it be in darkness still?
Everything is bright and dense here
And I can only shout to call to them
Everyone’s gone shopping
Or they are taking a nap after lunch
It’s noon since I’ve stepped here
It will be dark someday
And I will again feel the alley
Drowning in darkness I will pray for darkness
Reality is dark
And so is my heart

O Rain! Wash away everything
Hearts brains and stones rinse everything
They never existed
Whatever does, is speaking
Let us play a game
Kill the number line
Ask the sky to get on the horse
Earth is already decorated waiting for him
Let loose both of them in an infinite space
And wait for how long can both do rain until they get tired of it
Ignoring every single droplet’s reason which touches the face of the earth
Presenting present’s presence
In the game of their own
Unlike your games

I don’t get what sunlight thinks of itself
It too was begotten from the soils
And universe is a mere rose over the ear of my Beloved
I sit on my petal on His lap, look at your rose
And get back to work

CharlotteR So many

CharlotteR So many interesting contrasts.





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