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With Songs of Love in Playing

The scene, it be of Springtime,
and fresh flowers, they're in bloom.
Our day, it speaks of sunshine,
and the time, it's almost noon.
The vibe's upbeat and flowing,

Sound Of A Heart Breakin'

The sound of footsteps receding
The door softly closing
The subtle patter of raindrops
'Pon the silvered window pane

Could a heart be heard breakin'

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Desert Flowers

Ravenous hunger inside of me
Likened to a desert and a tree
There in the sun drenched rain
Birds consuming hunger pangs
A mirage fueled heart into dust
Spiritual clouds on earth's crust

The Darkness

She was quiet till you got to know her"
"She was always making us laugh"
"She was so smart"

Your friends say as they walk past you.

"What happened?"
"Why didn't she say something?"

A Cautionary Tale

Give me a minute
Let me give it some thought

Don’t wanna’ jump into
Maybe something I should not

Let me wrinkle my brow
Let me ponder a bit

Second route starts at Kurzens Compound to the north

Second route starts at Kurzens Compound to the north of Zul Gurub entrance. After having a speedy circle throughout the ingredient, go southern right down to Mosh Ogg Ogre Mound.

Springtime Cheer

Not long after all our “Happy New Year’s”,
We farewell winter and last year’s fears,
And suddenly nature changes gears.

Gone is the snow as springtime nears,