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How You Put My Life To Music

How you put my life to music, shining promise through my day.
Tender songs of heartfelt passion, they're the kind that come to play.

When That Day Comes.....

When that day finally comes,
When I’ll experience no more sun,
Then I won’t at all be sorry,
But please put me to rest in Mori.

There are two large ‘sakura’ trees,

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I Live in the Place of Dreams

I live in the place of dreams
The never land of the earth
Where the sun meets the sea

I live in the space of dreams
Where ideas roam like leaves
Untouched by reality

Ever Imagined

Polka dots and plaids on a spring day
Unfastening my heart, I am worlds away
I speak a language of my very own
It is musical and lyrical, words unknown

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