Recently popular poems

Stranger on the Beach

‘I like to wander along the beach,
Meander close to the sea,
To hear the whispering eddies speak,
Refreshing each memory.
When she danced forever along the sand

Dr. Splendifference

Rock, paper, scissors to stone, Dr. Splendifference was thin as bone. He stood as tall as a renaissance man, his feet in the fifth, and wings with span.

My First Poem (couldn't think of a title)

Soft, dragg-ed, somber puff in a cornered hole,
With lights fiddling in some liberated dance
As you and I meticulously roll another life-toll,
Another anxious appeal for a tedious trance.

Letting Go

I am made of words.
My vital organs are composed
of letters; nouns, adjectives,
verbs, adverbs...

If I did not know words,
I would not know air..
I would not know the sound

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The Earth of Things

I am a soul of silence,
of thoughts that reach into
the earth of things,
of words so strong, there is no way
to give voice to them.
But if you want to see the loquacious

Song of Fire

I tried not to look you in the eyes,
for I knew the fire that would be there,
waiting, just waiting, to pour itself into
my veins.
Oh, the rivers of lava that would flow