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Like a tree

It takes a long time for a tree to die.
Though its trunk be almost severed with the axe.
There was plenty of sap above
Then the leaves began to wither
and fall though it was spring time...

You Colour My Life

Imagine a bleak, charcoal grey sky,
Hovering over an ink black sea,
Stark and colourless, like death is nigh,
Without you, this is how my life would be.

Emeralds on Pearls

Blessed am I,
As I look into your eyes,
Emeralds on pearls,
The sort of which
Ladies and earls would own,
But I’m lucky enough
To call you my own.

My heart was yours,

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How a Heart Grows

Crows fell at the corners of her eyes.

Valley Butterflies Be Present

Valley butterflies be present,
all's in tune now, heart-to-heart.
Morning grounds divinely pleasant.
We're to get an early start.
'Cause our time to share is free here,

The Sound of You

I hear the sound of you,
dark and damp, disturbing
the syntax of my soul.
All I want to do is wrap
you in a blanket of salvation, so
that light seeps through to

Eggplant Foamposites The bodice of celebr

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The Last Cookie in the Cookie Jar

Innocence is…

not boring, as you say. It is filled with discovery,
with stories, with ships that sail the raging sea. If
I am still a child, then let me be.

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