Recently popular poems

An Unexpected Love

An unexpected love came to live in me.
It swelled inside my heart comfortably.
Never a day passed without its music.
I flew into its wind and right through it.

I am not my body

I am not my body.
No pain, sickness or even death itself,
Can imprison my soul in their finite sliver of an earthy existence.
I am the light that ignites the Sun and the galaxies beyond,


“Who are you?” Time asked me with a sigh,
And my family tree echoed with a loud cry!
I felt sick to my stomach and I felt blue…
I answered as I trembled: “I wish I knew.”

Sweet As Wine

Rain washed air…sweet as wine
The rain itself a sure footed dancer
Showers of silver…mist so fine
Quiet as questions that have no answers

I've Grown Accustomed to the Gray

The mirror shocked me not today.
I've grown accustomed to the gray.

We met. In nature, passion sparked.
We played, we kissed,
slept in the park.

We grew, together way to much.

“This reflecting body, now warm and glowing”

This orb of night, now warm and glowing
In earnest reflecting the Sun, would, if it were cold
And rotates invisible in the chill darkness of space,

The Sandbox

Moving sand in a sandbox
She sits and stirs the stars
Her mind made of cosmos
Her shovel digging for Mars
She sits in the box all alone
Knowing what she really knows

Where Dreams Can Fly

It’s typical that rain falls heavily,
Especially when we don’t want it to,
We learn to accept it eventually,
But sometimes it can really affect you.

Valley Streams With Clear Reflections

Valley streams with clear reflections,
they confirm such light aglow.
Splendid settings, ours to treasure,
where blue waters come to flow.
For while nature shares its blessings,

Heart Knocks

One licked finger flies into the air
A compass for wind and despair
Spirits rising in the dark of night
Galloping in cumulus of moon light
Thunderous minds of visions lost

Cottonseed Oil Refining Machine Process Overview

The process of Cottonseed Oil Refining Machine in general comprises of Degumming, Neutraliz

Heart Keys

An old chest of drawers filled with keys
Falling open in golden dust, heart pleas
Names written across grain of old wood
Scripture framed on walls, God is good

Mr. Sandman

Drowning in quicksand
Give me your hand
And the band played on

Drowning in quicksand
Give me your heart
And remember me

Drowning in quicksand
No time for tears
Nothing left to say

Second route starts at Kurzens Compound to the north

Second route starts at Kurzens Compound to the north of Zul Gurub entrance. After having a speedy circle throughout the ingredient, go southern right down to Mosh Ogg Ogre Mound.

Springtime Cheer

Not long after all our “Happy New Year’s”,
We farewell winter and last year’s fears,
And suddenly nature changes gears.

Gone is the snow as springtime nears,