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Dust Panned Thoughts of Evermore

A mind with hands
Sweeping the floor
Dust panned thoughts
Of our evermore

A heart for a broom
A tongue for a knot
Carefully collecting
All our forget me tots

Those childlike whims

Growth Rings

Life is the ultimate obstacle course,
Constantly jumping through hoops, growing up,
Countless times our hearts are broken with force,
By the same love on which our soul does sup.

Now bare of leaves

The apple tree,now bare of leaves,
Still bends in worship to the sun.
The sap flows down into the earth
Its fruiting year is done.

Where once a cat sat on the branch,

Like a tree

It takes a long time for a tree to die.
Though its trunk be almost severed with the axe.
There was plenty of sap above
Then the leaves began to wither
and fall though it was spring time...

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