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Hope Is a Thing of Inner Beauty

When I open my overcrowded closet
What do I see? But every stamped deposit
From a broken heart on one shelf
To a worn out mind, reminder of my old self

Because of You

Because of you, upbeat the bliss,
to ring within, and prompt a tune.
Because of you, a gentle kiss,
this day's to bring where flowers bloom.

Because of you, my thoughts are clear,

Lullaby And Goodnight (Ode to a music box)

Sound that brings
Back memories
Sounds that make
One cry

…From an ol’ music box…

Sound that tears
Tears from one’s eyes
And wrenches forth
Deep sighs


It’s hard work,
the underwater jellyfish that need to keep being avoided
along with other problems that never go away
like litter that infests the sand each morning,

A Dozen Roses

Red blossoms melt in a fog's drizzle
Gentle rain pouring roses in streams
How beautiful the crimsom waterfalls
How fragrant the blood of our dreams
Heartache in measures of love songs

Tea Leaves

There are clouds in my tea
Gently stirring leaves to fall
Colors sifting to the bottom
Illuminations of trees breathing
And I sit quietly with my cup
Knowing that thirst saves me

All You Own is Your Story

You don't bring anything into this world,
And you don't take anything with you,
So all you own when your life's unfurled,
Are your memories of the life you knew.

poem for a drowned black boy

Eastern North Carolina,

I am stricken with the poetry for this,
Not as a physical, sweat-stained ill,
But being it’s the dawn of June
and you're the first casualty I hear of.

self portrait at 22

He is summer hunkering in the eaves
Caught between testament and
A spoiled plum-breaking twilight.
Love pauses again to lie down
And be acceptable.
You ask if he knows how he will