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The Quiet Hills of Mori

By a stream in the quiet hills of Mori,
The modern world appears to cease,
In nature there’s no concept of ‘hurry’,
And amidst the silence, I feel at peace;

Love's Soul

Well, you fill my eyes with color, glowing free while promise shines.
You convey me artful visions, through life's seasonal designs.

Fingers of Mist

Fingers of mist caressing the hills,
Visible from our windowsills,
Bringing with it a quiet peace,
Seeing it sets my soul at ease;
Watching the wispy wraiths of white,

A Red Hat

In a red hat, summer flew
Into a tree, sky so blue
Sitting delicately in view
Touching leaves, each hue
Giving free smiles away
Nesting with color's array
Painting freckles on noses

A Cello Among The Flowers

A cello among the flowers
A bow caressing each hue
Space collecting rich tones
A vibrato beating inside you
Weeping colors into echoes
Like a seashell pulled in sea

farewell: to a past friend I had named a lover

You frightful beginning.
I still pause for the onset
Of night, deep and taking me easy,
With undefined solid strength.
Shadows fall in around my mouth.
I recite the beauties

A Simple Man Senryu

How much simpler could
A man be…than one who loves
Words… and writes poetry

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