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My Love is a Melody

My love is a sweet melody,
Amidst background noise that won’t cease,
When my life is a malady,
She streams in and gives me peace;
I love the notes that she plays,
So soothing to my heart,

Let My Heart Be Still

everywhere I turn
I am given a hateful grin
one might think I'd simply learn
...from the past I've buried within
yet, I still have my faith
and I choose to see the light

Dr. Splendifference

Rock, paper, scissors to stone, Dr. Splendifference was thin as bone. He stood as tall as a renaissance man, his feet in the fifth, and wings with span.

Somewhere Within the Starlight

Somewhere within the starlight,
there's an answer, and it's clear.
So I'll pose a heartfelt question,
'cause the truth, I know, is near.
I believe when you're beside me,

The Sacred Gate

Green fell into green on cascading moss bitten stones. Darkness fell upon steps weeping great rapids of starlight. In the rustle of leaves were fragments of pages feathered in large silent nests.

Old Age...(haiku)

Old age… When regrets
replace dreams…And when the days
are filled with mem'ries

Your Eyes

Your Eyes...

Mirrors of the soul
Reflections of the mind
Green flecked pits of aquamarine
Oval shaped and Olivine

Your Eyes are…

Saving Grace

Light spills from the throne in the sky, where the sun sits
and reigns with its golden scepter.
And I stand in its warm brilliance, thankful this King will

Dear Lo

Dear Lo,

This will be the last thing I ever send you
I can't even think of anything to say, except: Fuck you
What happened? Do you just not want me anymore? You just left me feeling torn

The Last Friend

He stood at the back, and looked around
The church, not even full,
There wasn’t a face he recognised
From his far off days at school,
He thought of Jim in the coffin there

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Letting Go

I am made of words.
My vital organs are composed
of letters; nouns, adjectives,
verbs, adverbs...

If I did not know words,
I would not know air..
I would not know the sound

The Earth of Things

I am a soul of silence,
of thoughts that reach into
the earth of things,
of words so strong, there is no way
to give voice to them.
But if you want to see the loquacious

Song of Fire

I tried not to look you in the eyes,
for I knew the fire that would be there,
waiting, just waiting, to pour itself into
my veins.
Oh, the rivers of lava that would flow