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Desert Flowers

Ravenous hunger inside of me
Likened to a desert and a tree
There in the sun drenched rain
Birds consuming hunger pangs
A mirage fueled heart into dust
Spiritual clouds on earth's crust


The songs I am listening to today
Sweep my heart away
To a hidden place
Where I could not refuse to embrace.

Memories start to travel to and fro
As every lyric of the song

Still in Love

Still in Love

A dry martini,
Jobim, and you beside me
On the leather couch

A Birthday Creation

Today, the angels filled the wells
-With graces as countless as shells-,
Rang their bells
And woke me up
To drink my cup
Of blessings so plenty, I can only gasp!

In one well it said,

four seconds

I watched how
a young woman stood
behind the counter inside a bank,
with the warmth of an
off-gold light honeying everything
But when she turned her head back;
That was elegance.