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Our Embrace

An elegant setting of seasonal wonder,
where butterflies fluttered, and roses grew free,
inspired our visions through natural blessings,
and touched all our senses with passionate glee.

farewell: to a past friend I had named a lover

You frightful beginning.
I still pause for the onset
Of night, deep and taking me easy,
With undefined solid strength.
Shadows fall in around my mouth.
I recite the beauties

The Sound Of Lonely

…To you…
If loneliness had a sound
What would that sound be
Could it be the sound of sadness
Or something heard
Quite differently

…To you…

Super Moon

In the middle of the night,
On an empty, silent street,
The super moon, so very bright,
A stray cat rubs against my feet.

Is it an omen for my life?
Or just a meeting in the night?

Summer Gives Way To Autumn

A scurrying scuttle
Like a mouse in the attic
The rustle of Summer
Gathering up her things

Impatiently packing
Somewhat erratic
Her baggage construed
From butterfly wings

Love's Soul

Well, you fill my eyes with color, glowing free while promise shines.
You convey me artful visions, through life's seasonal designs.

My Gift to You

I am foremost a story teller
In the footsteps of the old gypsies
Poetry like theirs passed on to me
Through honored oral traditions.
Let me share with you story of a boy

The Quiet Hills of Mori

By a stream in the quiet hills of Mori,
The modern world appears to cease,
In nature there’s no concept of ‘hurry’,
And amidst the silence, I feel at peace;

A Speckled Egg and I

A speckled egg in sun
Freckled sheild asleep
Nature bathing in light
Promises hope will keep

Along the way its Mother
Feathers mounted in wind
Time in a nest composing