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How a Heart Grows

Crows fell at the corners of her eyes.

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The Last Cookie in the Cookie Jar

Innocence is…

not boring, as you say. It is filled with discovery,
with stories, with ships that sail the raging sea. If
I am still a child, then let me be.

Slivers of Silver

Slivers of silver line soft cloud beds
Rivers of thimbles needling threads
Pushing sight through a storm’s eye
Golden chariots of suns in blind sky
Birds of a feather in silhouette lead

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An Eye For Deception

I’ve an ear for conceit
And an eye for deception
Age has instilled in me
A keen and acute perception

That allows me to see ‘neath the masks
That each one of us wear

A Knightly Senryu

I’m so fat …that were
I a Knight, my title would
Be “Sir Cumference”

Two Lanes

Gold tint stuck in the wet sky;
A small town is
Sitting back through
Bent two-lanes and false horizons
Becoming all a part of early fog.
Night wears and eases on
And breathes.