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In the land which dreams dwell in

In the land which dreams dwell in

where love and hate and life begin;

where swiftly the deep rivers flow

from those lost lands of long ago.

I wander through wild poppy fields

True Love Flowin' Free

Our senses in tune to these blissful sensations,
where hopes have awakened through seasonal glee.
Our passions in bloom to life's grand jubilations.

A Life Of Whimsy

Things of skill
Of trades well learned
Of fame and fortune
Duly earned

Acts of value
Civic duty
Charitable deeds
And feats of beauty

Things that worthy men

A Week in the Life

A Week in the Life

On Monday we woke with the usual blues
Getting back to work in the rain,
Talking about our weekends,
Stale gossip and topics mundane.

Tuesday came, and we got really busy

X Marks the Spot

Quite simply put, I found my dream
Blue skies knit in pink cloud screams
Feathered dusters of hope filled winds
Sparkling waters prancing deep within
Confined, no more, to swinging doors

Who are we?

My actions are the mirror of my heart
And what I do to others makes my soul.
But myopic,narrow gaze can wreck at start
The chance of growing to a greater whole.

Cut Time

Whatever our life orbits around, there we will be. Starved, in a universe that grows, stars multiply so that we may come to consciously know.

A Panorama of Evermore

A panorama of light crashes against the shore
Hungry hearts of butterflies fly into Evermore
Dreamers sifting hues in nets for catching light
A castle door awakening to patterns of insights

Grandma's Cookie Jar

I wish I could make you laugh, do you remember
When children purposely let go of a fart?
They giggled like the world had no end
Laughter free from guilt; pure and innocent!


I live in a bubble
A poetic bubble
My mind stumbles
My heart crumbles

So many of us
Under the bright Sun
Equal in God’s eyes
He hears all our cries

But if I have to wish

Pink Snow

Sitting under our cherry blossom tree,
Watching the petals fly, bright blue sky,
Spending the day with my love, feeling free,
Must cherish the moment… contented sigh.

Without your circling arm

I feel my soul is trembling like a leaf
that clings on in the worst of a fierce gale
yet will drop into black mud far beneath
though briefly through some sunshine it may fall.

Now every part of nature is in flood

Now speaks the earth of spring and all its joys.
Now flowers and blossom soothe the naked eye
So happy are the lovers,girls and boys,
As in the new green meadows they may lie.

The North Is Winter

The North is Winter.
Ringing cold.Nameless stars.

A coastal trawler
With a ballast of dead souls
Shaken into the waves.

The night tugs at my sleeve
As a child would do.